Our Employees

First NameLast NameExtensionEmail AddressTitle
Jeanie DeFelice 216 jdefelice@abilityalliance.info Payroll/Accounts Payable 
Vicki Hicks-Turnage 219 vturnage@abilityalliance.info Executive Director 
Crystal  Lawley 217 clawley@abilityalliance.info Billing Coordinator 
Adrienne Wilder 214 awilder@abilityalliance.info Data Manager 
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Case Management
First NameLast NameExtensionEmail AddressTitle
Ashley Bryant-Walker 211 abryant@abilityalliance.info Asst. Director of Program Services 
Sharon Cantrell 208 scantrell@abilityalliance.info Service Coordinator 
Amanda Grase 227 agrase@abilityalliance.info Service Coordinator 
Linda  Hines 222 lhines@abilityalliance.info Intake Coordinator 
Colleen  Hudson 215 chudson@abilityalliance.info Service Coordinator 
Carmen Johnson 248 cjohnson@abilityalliance.info Service Coordinator 
Jasmine  Jones 205 jjones@abilityalliance.info Service Coordinator 
Mary Jones 225 mjones@abilityalliance.info Service Coordinator 
Brad Joplin 202 bjoplin@abilityalliance.info Service Coordinator 
Brenda Little 209 bflittle@abilityalliance.info Director of Program Services 
Carol Nelson 207 cnelson@abilityalliance.info Service Coordinator 
Tonya  Prude 249 tprude@abilityalliance.info Service Coordinator 
Sharon  Sharon Cantrell 208 scantrell@abilityalliance.info Service Coordinator 
Evonne Underwood 201 eunderwood@abilityalliance.info Service Coordinator 
Kendra Watkins 229 kwatkins@abilityalliance.info Service Coordinator 
Chasity  Whitt 251 cwhitt@abilityalliance.info Service Coordinator 
Raven Winston 224 rowinston@abilityalliance.info Service Coordinator 
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